Cougar Minos X2

Cougar Minos X2

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Build for Brilliant and Competitive Gaming

COUGAR Minos X2 has been designed specifically to satisfy all the needs of eSports players: ADNS-3050 optical sensor, 6 buttons, OMRON Switches, on-the-fly DPI, polling rate adjustment, and 3 zone backlight. You don't need to pop out of games anymore, because you can make all your adjustments straight from your mouse to be ready for every challenge!

Remarkable Precision

Optical Gaming Sensor with Adjustable DPICOUGAR has collected hundreds of professional FPS gamers' experiences. With under 3000 DPI, you'll get better precision and response to enhance your gaming performance. Therefore, COUGAR uses gaming-grade optical sensor ADNS-3050, which is able to meet all pro-gamers' needs.
Minos X2 provides ultra-precise tracking for all your moves. DPI levels (500/1000/1500/2000/3000) with a dedicated button allows you to adjust settings immediately. Lower the DPI to obtain a more accurate and stable control, or raise it to have faster mouse movements!
In order to let all gamers have outstanding performance in different gaming situations, users can switch polling rates (125Hz/1000Hz) with Minos X2. You will have the most appropriate polling rate settings to make each battle a victory.


Absolute Comfort

Claw Grip

Fingertip Grip

Tapered Design: Grabbed Easily and Lifted Quickly

Best gaming mouse for Claw Grip and Fingertip Grip users!

If you are looking for a perfect mouse for claw grip and fingertip grip, Minos X2 is the best choice! With refined ergonomic design, anti-slip flanks and unique tapered design, you can easily grab and quickly lift the mouse without any difficulty.
Minos X2 is the greatest mouse for FPS / MOBA / RTS gamers, you will experience the pure comfort and the unparalleled stability.

Advanced Gaming Fascination

Three Zone BacklightEnhance your gaming atmosphere right from the start! Minos X2's three zone backlight provides you with the perfect gaming atmosphere.


Reliable and Durable Components

OMRON Micro Switches with 20 Million ClicksMinos X2's OMRON Switches not only guarantee an incredibly long life for at least 20 million clicks but also provide absolute accuracy.


Premios y Análisis

  • ˙geringes Gewicht ˙hohe Gleitfähigkeit ˙guter Grip ˙gutes Handling (Rechtshänder mit kleinen und mittelgroßen Händen) ˙ausreichend langes Datenkabel ˙präziser Sensor ˙langlebige und präzise Switches unter den Haupttasten

    "˙geringes Gewicht ˙hohe Gleitfähigkeit ˙guter Grip ˙gutes Ha..."

    Game Zoom

  • Cougar Minos X2 gây ấn tượng với game thủ khi sở hữu switch Omron với tuổi thọ lên tới 20 triệu lần nhấn, một mức tuổi thọ cao gấp đôi so với các dòng chuột cùng phân khúc khác và lâu hơn nhiều so với các loại chuột no-name khác

    "Cougar Minos X2 gây ấn tượng với game thủ khi sở hữ..."


  • It will be ideal for a higher level FPS / MOBA / RTS games, casual use, however, is excellent.

    "It will be ideal for a higher level FPS / MOBA / RTS games, casua..."

    CS:GO Hungary


Nombre del producto COUGAR MINOS X2 Ratón para Juegos
Sensor ADNS-3050 Optical gaming sensor
Resolución 500/1000/1500/2000/3000 DPI
Tipos de juego recomendados FPS / MOBA / RTS
Interruptores Microinterruptores OMRON para juegos
Retroiluminación LED 3 zone backlight
Interfaz conector USB
Dimensiones 122(L) X 67(W) X 40(H) mm
4.80(L) X 2.74(W) X 1.57(H) pulgadas
Longitud del cable 1.8m
Peso 94g (0.21libras)

Requisitos de Sistema

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10


COUGAR Minos X2 - Dimensiones
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